7 Best Plants for Beginner Planters

For a new hobby gardening at home, will certainly try to plant a variety of plants in various ways. Generally, they love to experiment to gain new knowledge and experience.

In the list of Morris Garden products, there is a level of difficulty of maintenance of each plant. Referring to the list, here are 7 seeds worth a try for those who are just learning home gardening and you can visit www.livetomanage.com  .

Spinach Green and Red
Planting spinach is easy. These plants can live at various altitude levels with various weather conditions. How to plant it including light. Simply sprinkle the spinach seeds evenly on the available land. Keep the density of spinach seeds. You do this by taking a few seeds that are adjusted to the available land.

Try to keep the nutrient intake by sprinkling enough organic fertilizer every week on the planting land. Flush water twice daily in the morning and evening. Seeds are too tight, nutrient intake is minimal, and too little water to make spinach grows dwarf.

For those who want to get better spinach plants, seed the seeds first in a separate place. After having 3-5 true leaves with a stem length of about 5-7 centimeters, move the spinach to a wider planting area.

This plant is also one of the most suitable tried by beginners. Kangkung can be planted throughout the year at various levels of altitude plains. How to plant it enough to put 5 seeds of kale in one hole. Set the spacing between the planting holes between 5-10 centimeters.

Flush kale in the morning and evening. Do not forget to give fertilizer once a week so that plant nutrient intake is met. At the age of 20-35 days, kangkung can be harvested. How to harvest it is quite easy. Remove the water spinach to the roots, cut the roots, clean, and kale ready for cooking.

Sawi Pakcoy
Furthermore, the recommended plant for beginners is Sawi Pakcoy. Just like water spinach, Sawi Pakcoy is a living plant throughout the year at various levels of terrain. However, how to plant it is a bit more complicated than spinach and kale. To get the best results, it is advisable to sow Sawi Pakcoy in a separate container in a shady and humid place.

After Sawi Pakcoy has 3-5 true leaves, move to a larger planting area. Make sure the nutrients of plants fulfilled on the planting medium. Flush in the morning and evening to get the best results. This plant can be harvested at the age of 35-45 days of planting and you can find here http://botanicagardencenter.com  .

Cayenne pepper
Types of chili-pepper ranks next for beginners who have been able to grow vegetables on top. One of them is Chili Rawit. Plants that live throughout the year are ideally planted in the lowlands. It is recommended to menyemainya first before transferred to the planting land.

At the time of planting, keep the nutrient elements of the plant is maintained. Flush this plant in the morning and evening. Make sure these plants get enough sun intake. Clean the weeds and grass around the plants to keep the nutrient intake is maintained. Chili itself can be harvested from the age of 95 days of planting. Compared to the vegetables listed earlier, growing cayenne pepper requires more patience.

Still from the chilli family, Chilli plants are good for beginners. These plants can be planted at various levels of plateau altitude. Only, it is recommended to plant in the dry season alone. When planted in the rainy season, make sure the water intake is not too abundant and get exposure to enough sunlight. In the dry season, simply flush once a day in the afternoon.

It is advisable to sow the pepper plant before it is transferred to the planting area. When transferred to the planting area, place a piece of bamboo 1 meter long nearby. If you want to get the ideal result, plug 2 pieces of bamboo along the 1.5 meters on each side of the right and left. Then tie the second end of the bamboo on top and tie it. The existence of this buffer is useful to keep the plant to grow upright. As the plant grows, tie the plant to the bamboo so it will not fall.

Chili harvest longer than chili, between 100-115 days. To get the maximum results, make sure the nutrients of plants are fulfilled. Clean the weeds and grass around the plant regularly as well.

Plants that include this family of fruits and vegetables can be grown at various levels of plateau altitude. The result will be maximum if planted in the dry season. In the rainy season, generally tomatoes are more mushy and quickly decompose.

Before planting it, it is recommended to menyemainya first in a humid and shady place. Once large enough, move the tomatoes to the planting area. Make sure these plants get enough sunshine abundantly. Just flush this plant in the morning and sor