Watch Dogs Release Delayed Until Next Year!

A nightmare for all gamers who no longer wait to enjoy the action of hacking done by Aiden Pearce, Chicago, Ubisoft has just launched an update that will make you scream angry and disappointed. Had planned to be released on 22 November 2013 for the Playstation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PC, Ubisoft finally chose to delay release of the game’s ambitious one. Be prepared to bite the finger, as Watch Dogs finally get a new release – 2014!

Ubisoft has not given a new release date is uncertain, but to place the new release space for the spring of 2014 across all platforms, including next-gen consoles. After so many promotions and demo, what underlies this bitter decision Ubisoft? A month before the release, the decision was finally taken Ubisoft to ensure the quality of the release according to the standard for which they want Madden Mobile 2017.

Ubisoft takes time to improve some elements and perform recalibration in some detail for a memorable gaming experience and outstanding. They also confirmed that they understand how the enthusiasm of the players will be the presence of Watch Dogs and Madden Mobile.
Had planned to release on November 22, Ubisoft finally decided to postpone the release of Watch Dogs until spring 2014 you can visit

So to all gamers Indonesia, including you, who can not wait longer look for the presence of Watch Dogs in November, you seem to be a little more patient. Hopefully the spring of 2014 not be waiting long enough. Honest question Ubisoft, are you afraid of GTA V’s popularity?