Microsoft Officially Buy Minecraft!

Minecraft, this one word has indeed grown into one of the unique phenomena in the gaming industry. When giant developer “game” games pursue visual credentials as possible, indie developers – Mojang at the time, are struggling to create a truly unique game, especially on the gameplay side. The open world, addictive activity, and the freedom to create as effectively as possible finally catapulted Minecraft’s name, making it a million people game across platforms. No wonder the company as big as Microsoft is interested to have it. Rumors that had circulated a few days ago this turned out to be true. Microsoft confirms the purchase process of Mojang and Minecraft!

Microsoft finally officially bought Mojang and its flagship franchise – Minecraft with a pretty fantastic price, around USD 2.5 Billion. This news was delivered by Microsoft and dragon ball z dokkan battle itself. Phil Spencer – the big boss of Xbox stated that Mojang became a potential developer to be missed by Microsoft, especially considering its popularity as one of the most played games on Xbox Live. Minecraft is seen as a game franchise that will enrich Microsoft’s “weapons” in the future. Interesting again? Regardless of the usage rights that have now fallen into their hands, Microsoft affirms their commitment to continue to spawn Minecraft across platforms across generations. This game will still be enjoyed by iOS gamers, Android, and Playstation.
Microsoft officially confirmed the purchase of Mojang and their flagship franchise – Minecraft. This purchase process is worth more than USD 2.5 MIlyar. Not only that, when the main leader of Mojang is also officially out after this acquisition process and get  dokkan battle hack .

Not only that, other rumors that follow this purchase process also proved true. Through their official blog post, three big bosses as well as the originator of Mojang – Notch, Carl Manneh, and Jakob Porser developers are also officially out of the company. They will no longer be involved in any project involving Minecraft’s name in the future. Notch himself reasoned that his decision to sell Mojang and out of the company he built is more based on making sure to stay sane. Notch admits he is not ready to deal with the fact that Mojang has now grown into a global company, and all the things he says are turning out to be significant to trigger reactions from many gamers. The burden he can no longer afford. He wants to live quietly and move on to the next game project.

So, what will Microsoft do with Mojang and Minecraft this? In addition to the confirmation that he will still be supported as a multiplatform project, Spencer has not given much comment.

What about yourself, especially the Minecraft enthusiast? Does this buying process generate a wave of optimism or is it pessimistic for you?