Activision Start Discussing “Gap” COD: AW

Publishers of course have the right to protect their products from various threats that sometimes, just from among gamers. Not only do we talk about pirated issues, but also other fraudulent programs that allow gamers to gain certain benefits – something that is of course very fatal for games that make multiplayer one of the main strengths. But this also proved to be “valid” if the error is actually slid from the publisher itself. This is what Activision does with their latest popular FPS game – roblox robux generator.

Activision started throwing a “copyright” attack to turn off some of the Call of Duty videos: Advanced Warfare on Youtube. The reason? Due to content that is considered to be detrimental to them. Most of these “attacked” videos focus on discussions that show a glitch or exploit that gamers can take to make a profit in the existing multiplayer mode.

Given the weakness rooted in the imperfection of their own products, this action of course reap a lot of criticism. Activision itself reasoned that they were just hunting videos they deem trying to teach how to play cheats or using game gaps that make the game unfair in Roblox this.

On the same occasion, Activision also confirmed that they are working hard to meet the many feedbacks that come to make Call of Duty: AW appear as a better game, and they greatly respect the role of the community there. You should just patch the game, instead of hunting the innocent, Activision …

Square Enix Officially Announces Just Cause 3!

umor is always denied, the developers behind the franchise open world super fun game – Just Cause, Avalanche Studios always mention that they are currently only focusing on developing Mad Max. Open world game adapted from a classic cool movie is indeed planned to be released next year. Nevertheless, the hope to see a new series – Just Cause 3 back to strengthen after screenshots spread in cyberspace, which claimed to be derived from the “secret” project that has not surfaced to the public. If you include gamers who have been looking forward to this one project, this may be the news you are most looking forward to. Square Enix and Avalanche Studios officially announced the existence of  cooking fever hack android !

Announced together with the December issue of Game Informer, Just Cause 3 will make the Mediterranean islands as the main setting. Planned to be released Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – PC, Avalanche Studios also ensures that Just Cause 3 is not a free to play game. Therefore, rumors about the presence of micro-transactions system that had spread earlier as well denied. All screenshots that had spread some time ago, according to co-founder of Avalanche Studios – Christofer Sundberg, taken from early versions of Just Cause 3, and of course – the process of development that runs certainly make this game grow in different directions. Just Cuase 3 is already carrying mechanics, business models, and of course different technologies. The screenshots can not reflect what they want to offer.

You will play in Medici – a republic in the Mediterranean region under the control of a ruthless dictator named General Di Ravello.
Your main character named – Rico Rodriguez is of course ambitious to stop the action.
Freedom to move vertically – from skydiving skills, base jumps, to free dives without limitation.
You can use Wingsuit as well to move quickly across the sky.
Grapple and Parachute will be a key feature if you want to climb buildings, hijack vehicles, or just connect a variety of objects and produce more crazy effects.
Destroy various military headquarters, ports, prisons, police stations, to facilitate communication to bring down the dictator.
A myriad of weapons to use, from shotguns, missile launchers, tanks-buster, to water-strike
A wide range of vehicles that can be used, from speedboats, jets, helicopters, cars with turbo and super bikes.
Various mission challenges and collectible items that can be collected
Online community feature
The map offered will be as great as Just Cause 2
There is no health regeneration system. Without a dodge roll system and looking down too.
There is no multiplayer support mode yet, but Avalanche will allow modding for the PC version.

No release date has been released yet, but Avalanche cooking fever game   is targeting the game to be released in 2015. Get hyped!

PC Specs for Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix is ​​already throwing confirmation that not only the first series, they will also bring the entire trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII to PC. Hype that had woken up quite sadly injured by the fact that the port of the first series is not as much as imagined. Impressed halfway, this port does not even provide the option to set the resolution and visual quality for a more optimal experience. Critics surfaced, but Square Enix remains unmoved. They are still preparing to launch the next two series to the market. Even the sequel series – Final Fantasy XIII-2 is ready to accompany PC gamers in less than a month! Certainty is finally slid from the mouth of roblox robux hack itself.

Square Enix itself promises to “fix” the quality of FF XIII ports in December 2014, with the addition of options demanded by gamers themselves. But later this year will also be the release time for the sequel port – Final Fantasy XIII-2. Available on the Steam page for pre-order process with a very tempting Rupiah price – Rp 171.000, – only, Square Enix also promises many features for this one port. roblox is claimed to come with option resolution settings, graphical options, running at 60 fps, and voice acts – Japanese and English to choose from. So, what kind of PC specs do you need to run it?