Activision Start Discussing “Gap” COD: AW

Publishers of course have the right to protect their products from various threats that sometimes, just from among gamers. Not only do we talk about pirated issues, but also other fraudulent programs that allow gamers to gain certain benefits – something that is of course very fatal for games that make multiplayer one of the main strengths. But this also proved to be “valid” if the error is actually slid from the publisher itself. This is what Activision does with their latest popular FPS game – roblox robux generator.

Activision started throwing a “copyright” attack to turn off some of the Call of Duty videos: Advanced Warfare on Youtube. The reason? Due to content that is considered to be detrimental to them. Most of these “attacked” videos focus on discussions that show a glitch or exploit that gamers can take to make a profit in the existing multiplayer mode.

Given the weakness rooted in the imperfection of their own products, this action of course reap a lot of criticism. Activision itself reasoned that they were just hunting videos they deem trying to teach how to play cheats or using game gaps that make the game unfair in Roblox this.

On the same occasion, Activision also confirmed that they are working hard to meet the many feedbacks that come to make Call of Duty: AW appear as a better game, and they greatly respect the role of the community there. You should just patch the game, instead of hunting the innocent, Activision …

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