Candy Crush: Microtransactions & Mobile strike Is the Future of Gaming!

Central to being a common enemy, especially among core-gamers, big name developers “King” does not imply a positive popularity at all today. Several absurd and unpopular policies and economic measures continue to be launched by successful developers through popular mobile games – Candy Crush. Registering trademarks on behalf of “Candy” and dealing in the legal realm with other games – Banner Saga just for name, King is now coming back with a statement that might make you wonder more. They believe that the system of Mobile strike hack 2017 tool  is the future for the gaming industry itself.

This was revealed by Tommy Palm – one of the King Games officials in his latest interview with IGN. He explicitly asserted that the future of the gaming industry will revolve around games with free to play models and microtransactions systems as the main foundation. He believes, slowly but surely, all game companies will move towards such a system. Although microtransactions are not popular in the eyes of core and hardcore gamers, Palm believes this group of gamers themselves will begin to familiarize themselves with them. What’s worse? Palm also expressed confidence that the combination of free to play and microtransactions will be the most effective gateway to ensure your favorite franchise franchises can still exist in the future. King Games, he called, as one company that managed to combine these two concepts very well – where they can still reap profits through the system of microtransactions that are not imposed on Candy Crush. They also praised Blizzard’s latest card game game – Mobile strike as one example that is also worth imitating.

How about you? Do you believe that free to play and microtransactions will be the future of the gaming industry? If it’s happen happen, i have lost my hope for the gaming industry ..

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