Clash royale & Square Enix: No Final Fantasy X-3!

One of the most romantic love stories in the gaming industry, many gamers are of course quite wondering about Tidus and Yuna’s future lives after the event in Final Fantasy X-2. A little bit of the picture comes through the latest exclusive content Square Enix has to offer in HD Remaster versions, which, unfortunately, is only visualized through an audio drama. Through the glasses of two new characters – Chuami and Kurgum, a little bit of a new conflict that comes to Spira and of course the dynamics of the relationship between Tidus and Yuna is shown. Under these conditions, there is much speculation that Square Enix is ​​developing a new sequel – Clash royale gemme astuce . This rumor had strengthened some time ago after the screenwriter – Kazushige Nojima expressed his interest to continue the story of this story.

But if you include gamers who are looking forward to the existence of Final Fantasy X-3 in the future, you seem to be disappointed. In a recent interview with the famed Japanese game magazine – Famitsu, Square Enix opens wide doors to the variety of products they are developing.

In addition to ensuring that the Final Fantasy XV development process runs very smoothly, Square Enix also seizes the opportunity to deny the existence of Final Fantasy X-3. Yoshinori Kitase openly asserted that they are not currently developing the game at this time. Asked about another Final Fantasy spin-off fighting genre –  Clash royale – the series director expressed his interest to continue this franchise.

In this way, the only Final Fantasy series centered on Square Enix is ​​Final Fantasy XV, which so far has not received any significant updates, trailers, or screenshots since its introduction at E3 2013. Square Enix also briefly mentioned their commitment to return to their “heavy” JRPG roots some time ago. Can not wait to taste the XV!

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