FIFA 17 We No Longer Interested in the Game Offline!

Online experience is the future of the gaming industry, not a few developers and publishers who may start to move to meet the concept of this one. Video games are no longer seen as a means of virtual entertainment for individuals, but the media to generate collective memorable experience through a variety of multiplayer modes, cooperative and competitive. Therefore, be a scenery comparatively rare to find a game that does not carry the latest release of this mode at all. Although still reap the pros and cons of the FIFA 17 gamers themselves, the publisher is no longer in doubt. As happened with one of the largest publishers in the gaming industry – Electronic Arts today and visit  fifa17hackz .

In an interview with the leading technology sites – Engadget, EA COO – Peter Moore stated that Electronic Arts is now slowly but surely, began to abandon the concept of offline games. No more EA FIFA 17 games that do not offer an online experience in it, now and in the future. Moore argued that the policy is taken to facilitate the needs of gamers themselves, which he believed did want to stay connected for a variety of reasons are there, than just seeing your account statistics, achievement, until of course play multiplayer online. Therefore, EA decided to no longer release games that do not have online features in it. Moore also revealed that EA opens the door wide to the mechanism of free to play in some of the flagship franchise in the future.
EA’s Peter Moore asserts that, slowly but surely, will begin to abandon the concept of offline games. All of their latest game will now load the online features in it for all needs.

Then what is the impact for FIFA 17 gamers in Indonesia, which is actually still enjoying pirated? Although crack outstanding allows you to play EA games in the future, but the experience offered course will no longer be optimal. Your inability to get into the official server will be the largest gap if EA is designing all this flagship franchise FIFA 17 gameplay in multiplayer.

Imagine a scenario where a class game Dragon Age or Mass Effect now comes with a myriad of side-mission crucial that requires you to play cooperatively with other Origin users. Or the world of Need for Speed ​​is so spare and empty without the other players. Battlefield focus or who no longer cared to sell their single player, for example, and just focus on online multiplayer mode.

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