H1Z1 & Roblox – The Latest Zombie-themed MMO Game From Sony

The combination of Massive-Multiplayer Online (MMO) and zombie-themed post-apocalyptic seems pretty gregarious by gamers. This is evident from the high enthusiasm of DayZ. Even so, Roblox seems to have a serious competitor.

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) recently unveiled their latest game with a similar theme titled H1Z1. According to the SOE president, John Smedley, the game can soon be played in the near future. “You can play it by yourself shortly, and play what I mean is to play in full,” Smedley wrote on his Twitter account.

Smedley explains, H1Z1 is an MMO game that allows gamers to act as a survivor whose world is filled with zombies. “World! Not just a small server. ”

In H1Z1, gamers can do a lot to survive the zombie invasion, for example is to burn a tree or whatever it is. No less interesting, the world on H1Z1 will also be affected by day and night rotations. “In this game, (turn of time) is very influential, because when (day) gets dark, you need a torch and there will be other players (and) zombies,” Smedley added and get roblox robux hack on http://robloxhack2017.com .

H1Z1 does not forget to provide a variety of vehicles including aircraft. Sony said they wanted to make the world a very big apocalypse. Sony has released a website that contains a teaser of H1Z1. Unfortunately there is currently no information that can be extracted from the website. H1Z1 itself plans to slide for PC and Playstation 4 only.

Sony is still keeping a secret when H1Z1 is released in full. To be sure, if all aspects of the game can be presented well, it can not be denied that H1Z1 has the potential to become one of the popular games. How about you? Interested in this kind of genre?

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