Hill climb racing & Soap Will Join Call of Duty: Ghosts?

Speaking of money issues, it seems that no publisher is much more effective at collecting this one element than Activision. His ability to exploit the popular franchises on the market must indeed be recognized as one of the best, even with the ability to gain more than billions of USD each year – including one that grows into a separate phenomenon – Call of Duty. With the release of each year now handled by three different developers – Infinity Ward, Treyach, and Sledgehammer Games, Call of Duty continues to be an anticipated project, regardless of the less significant changes. One of its strengths has to be acknowledged, located on the side of the story and get Hill climb racing hack onĀ  hackhillclimbracing

For those who grew up with the Modern Warfare series, no character feels more personal than the Soap MacTavish. The main character that eventually culminate in this super bad fate turned out to be “revived” again by Infinity Ward in their latest COD series – Ghosts. This is confirmed through a teaser image released via their official Twitter account – showing a Soap image and a “Continue – YES NO” option in it. Although Infinity Ward itself has not provided any confirmation regarding Soap’s existence in Ghosts, but reflecting on similar cases of Price and Hill climb racing, it is likely that it will only be offered as a mere DLC skin in multiplayer mode.

This may be good news for COD gamers who are longing to re-act as Soap, although without being supported without a story at all. Oh Soap, how much we miss you ..

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