Immortal Saga: The Journey to the West

Immortal Saga The Journey to the West has a very nice graphical display that is full of various bright colors and so sharp. The character shape design is also so cool it looks like the characters in the film Kera Sakti and for the form of the monster is also no less creepy. Then the level of graphic detail on NBA Live Mobile hack  The Journey to the Westn is great for a mobile game. So also for the effect of skill issued by your character looks so luminous and shiny.

Glancing about the features, the outline of the game Immortal Saga The Journey to the West does have very many features, so the player is very pampered with the features presented. Some of the features that you can feel include the State system, Arena, Klan, Kick, Character, Friends, Rank, Rank, and there are some interesting events that you can follow.

In addition, you will also be able to feel other interesting features such as Customization Avatar & Equipment, NBA Live Mobile , Treasure Escort, Live Broadcasters, Social System In-game and even Fishing.
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Immortal Saga The Journey to the West is very interesting because back mendompleng big name game Kera Sakti ever aired on television. With the number of players who are already familiar with the story of the trip to the west a la Kera Sakti, the game released by Efun Company Limited is indeed very promising.

The ease of gameplay and also a thick storyline is an interesting plus in this game. Just like any other RPG game is already on the smartphone, you are not only spoiled with all-round gameplay automatically, but also some quests that have a very seductive gift so you do not have to bother to spend more money to buy some items, but simply diligently play then Some good items will also be yours.

The many variants of hero characters that you can use also become interesting things in the game, the unique tedapat also the character of the homeland whiz that is Gatot Kaca that you can combine with other hero characters in Immortal Saga The Journey to the West.

The voice chat feature in the game is a bit annoying, because when you play, you will hear the conversations sent by other players. In order to smoothly play Immortal Saga The Journey to the West, it requires a strong internet connection, in addition to the smartphone specification support is also an important factor for the game Immortal Saga The Journey to the West can be smoothly played.

This happens because in Immortal Saga The Journey to the West you will really feel the quality of graphics similar to PC and also any effects that are so cool.

Well, that’s a review about Immortal Saga The Game Journey to the West, it is definitely this game must be played for the fans Kera Sakti who like the action game rpg. If you want to see KotGa Crew playing Immortal Saga, just watch the video below yes. See you in the following reviews!

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