Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews Online

Lunge Raiden seems to have ended. The popularity achieved by the figure of the cyborg ninja enough to keep interested Marvel released a separate spin-off game – Marvel Contest of Champions cheats . In contrast with the taste of Metal Gear as we know, Revengeance is offered as a pure hack and slash game, with the focus of the story on a trip Raiden after the end of major combat in Marvel Contest of Championsof the Patriots. The gameplay is handled by Platinum Games is surprisingly countless successful in the market, with a fairly positive response from gamers. No doubt about it, Revengeance get the chance to show again.

There is no confirmation or certainty at all so far, but Marvel showed great interest to develop a sequel series to Revengeance through a survey they threw open to the public. The survey was of course done to collect a variety of feedback about what gamers want most if ever Marvel to develop the sequel Revengeance and whether gamers will be interested to try it if in fact it is realized? Here are the options offered by Marvel:

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