Clash royale & Square Enix: No Final Fantasy X-3!

One of the most romantic love stories in the gaming industry, many gamers are of course quite wondering about Tidus and Yuna’s future lives after the event in Final Fantasy X-2. A little bit of the picture comes through the latest exclusive content Square Enix has to offer in HD Remaster versions, which, unfortunately, is only visualized through an audio drama. Through the glasses of two new characters – Chuami and Kurgum, a little bit of a new conflict that comes to Spira and of course the dynamics of the relationship between Tidus and Yuna is shown. Under these conditions, there is much speculation that Square Enix is ​​developing a new sequel – Clash royale gemme astuce . This rumor had strengthened some time ago after the screenwriter – Kazushige Nojima expressed his interest to continue the story of this story.

But if you include gamers who are looking forward to the existence of Final Fantasy X-3 in the future, you seem to be disappointed. In a recent interview with the famed Japanese game magazine – Famitsu, Square Enix opens wide doors to the variety of products they are developing.

In addition to ensuring that the Final Fantasy XV development process runs very smoothly, Square Enix also seizes the opportunity to deny the existence of Final Fantasy X-3. Yoshinori Kitase openly asserted that they are not currently developing the game at this time. Asked about another Final Fantasy spin-off fighting genre –  Clash royale – the series director expressed his interest to continue this franchise.

In this way, the only Final Fantasy series centered on Square Enix is ​​Final Fantasy XV, which so far has not received any significant updates, trailers, or screenshots since its introduction at E3 2013. Square Enix also briefly mentioned their commitment to return to their “heavy” JRPG roots some time ago. Can not wait to taste the XV!

Transistor & GTA 5 Ready to Release Next Month!

Indie, this one word is like a double-edged sword in the gaming industry world. On the one hand, the freedom from the giant publisher’s intervention provides plenty of room for indie developers to try out crazy and unique ideas. While on the other hand, it is vulnerable to unsuccessful if not able to reach a certain level of popularity. Some call it a fortune, but the developer classmates Mojang or Supergiant Games, the success achieved from the quality of games that can compete with games from the publisher giant. After the success with Bastion, Supergiant Games is ready to kick-start the gaming industry with a new title – GTA 5 hack on .

A RPG action game with a turn-based taste, Supergiant Games did succeed in making Transistor appear as one of the most anticipated indie games in 2014. Like Bastion, you can find world designs that reflect so spoil the eye, as well as the ability to offer a truly appropriate gaming atmosphere. Can not wait to taste it? After a mystery, Supergiant Games finally confirmed the official release date for the GTA 5.

The transistor is sure to slide next month – precisely on 20 May 2014, for the Playstation 4 and PC. This game can be obtained digitally via Steam or PS Store, with a price range of only about USD 20 only. Not only that, for gamers who are lucky enough to be in the arena of PAX East, Supergiant Games also opened a booth that allows gamers to try out this game experience directly.

Watch Dogs Release Delayed Until Next Year!

A nightmare for all gamers who no longer wait to enjoy the action of hacking done by Aiden Pearce, Chicago, Ubisoft has just launched an update that will make you scream angry and disappointed. Had planned to be released on 22 November 2013 for the Playstation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PC, Ubisoft finally chose to delay release of the game’s ambitious one. Be prepared to bite the finger, as Watch Dogs finally get a new release – 2014!

Ubisoft has not given a new release date is uncertain, but to place the new release space for the spring of 2014 across all platforms, including next-gen consoles. After so many promotions and demo, what underlies this bitter decision Ubisoft? A month before the release, the decision was finally taken Ubisoft to ensure the quality of the release according to the standard for which they want Madden Mobile 2017.

Ubisoft takes time to improve some elements and perform recalibration in some detail for a memorable gaming experience and outstanding. They also confirmed that they understand how the enthusiasm of the players will be the presence of Watch Dogs and Madden Mobile.
Had planned to release on November 22, Ubisoft finally decided to postpone the release of Watch Dogs until spring 2014 you can visit

So to all gamers Indonesia, including you, who can not wait longer look for the presence of Watch Dogs in November, you seem to be a little more patient. Hopefully the spring of 2014 not be waiting long enough. Honest question Ubisoft, are you afraid of GTA V’s popularity?

FIFA 17 We No Longer Interested in the Game Offline!

Online experience is the future of the gaming industry, not a few developers and publishers who may start to move to meet the concept of this one. Video games are no longer seen as a means of virtual entertainment for individuals, but the media to generate collective memorable experience through a variety of multiplayer modes, cooperative and competitive. Therefore, be a scenery comparatively rare to find a game that does not carry the latest release of this mode at all. Although still reap the pros and cons of the FIFA 17 gamers themselves, the publisher is no longer in doubt. As happened with one of the largest publishers in the gaming industry – Electronic Arts today and visit  fifa17hackz .

In an interview with the leading technology sites – Engadget, EA COO – Peter Moore stated that Electronic Arts is now slowly but surely, began to abandon the concept of offline games. No more EA FIFA 17 games that do not offer an online experience in it, now and in the future. Moore argued that the policy is taken to facilitate the needs of gamers themselves, which he believed did want to stay connected for a variety of reasons are there, than just seeing your account statistics, achievement, until of course play multiplayer online. Therefore, EA decided to no longer release games that do not have online features in it. Moore also revealed that EA opens the door wide to the mechanism of free to play in some of the flagship franchise in the future.
EA’s Peter Moore asserts that, slowly but surely, will begin to abandon the concept of offline games. All of their latest game will now load the online features in it for all needs.

Then what is the impact for FIFA 17 gamers in Indonesia, which is actually still enjoying pirated? Although crack outstanding allows you to play EA games in the future, but the experience offered course will no longer be optimal. Your inability to get into the official server will be the largest gap if EA is designing all this flagship franchise FIFA 17 gameplay in multiplayer.

Imagine a scenario where a class game Dragon Age or Mass Effect now comes with a myriad of side-mission crucial that requires you to play cooperatively with other Origin users. Or the world of Need for Speed ​​is so spare and empty without the other players. Battlefield focus or who no longer cared to sell their single player, for example, and just focus on online multiplayer mode.

NBA Live Mobile Review

The month of August has to be admitted into a sweet month for gamers worldwide. How come? During the period of 30 days will soon end, players get a number of quality games that had been anticipated since the beginning of the year, even from the end of last year. Call it NBA Live Mobile, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, Lost Planet 3, and the latest – Rayman Legends. Three of the game is even released on the same day and week. Big fight ensued. So, who managed to come out as winners in the UK market, which incidentally is one of the mecca of gaming trends in Europe?

Asburd madness and a variety of things on offer and Deep Silver Volition, NBA Live Mobile apparently proved successful attract the attention of many gamers and you can visit . Not only amaze in terms of quality, this latest series also shows the sales performance was awesome. He appeared as the best, even able to beat Sam Fisher is finally back with Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Game steatlh action is only able entrenched in second place. Meanwhile, XCOM Declassified fell to 10th place, below the old games that continue to prove their toughness.

Gon HunterxHunter Join in the J-Stars Victory VS

A dream come true, dozens of well-known comic characters and anime as we follow eventually meet in the same world. Through the cold hands of Namco Bandai which is best known for their crossover project, an ambitious project – J-Stars Victory VS introduced. No longer crash the characters from the gaming industry, J-Stars Victory VS become a battleground between the iconic figures and Shonen Jump and fuses them into one big world. Namco Bandai has finally introduced a new character that would be familiar – Gon Freecss and visit

A latest trailer released to ensure the gamer’s attention remained fixed on the fighting game series with a three-dimensional model of the world. Showing exchange of attacks and moves of some characters that already existed previously, Namco Bandai also showed two new characters as the roster, which would be familiar. The first is the agile Gon Freecss, protagonist of the series HunterxHunter. Gon will be accompanied by Yusuke Urameshi of YuYu Hakusho. There are no gameplay details and a fighting style for these two characters.
Namco Bandai introduced two new characters for the J-Stars Victory VS: Gon and Yusuke Urameshi.

J-Stars Victory VS will be released exclusively for the Playstation 3 and is scheduled to arrive before the year 2013 ends. Namco Bandai also announced that the demo of the game itself is already playable on the TGS 2013 event next month. Well i do hope Killua join this battle too!

Marvel Contest of Champions Reviews Online

Lunge Raiden seems to have ended. The popularity achieved by the figure of the cyborg ninja enough to keep interested Marvel released a separate spin-off game – Marvel Contest of Champions cheats . In contrast with the taste of Metal Gear as we know, Revengeance is offered as a pure hack and slash game, with the focus of the story on a trip Raiden after the end of major combat in Marvel Contest of Championsof the Patriots. The gameplay is handled by Platinum Games is surprisingly countless successful in the market, with a fairly positive response from gamers. No doubt about it, Revengeance get the chance to show again.

There is no confirmation or certainty at all so far, but Marvel showed great interest to develop a sequel series to Revengeance through a survey they threw open to the public. The survey was of course done to collect a variety of feedback about what gamers want most if ever Marvel to develop the sequel Revengeance and whether gamers will be interested to try it if in fact it is realized? Here are the options offered by Marvel:

Madden Mobile 2017 Reviews

Immersed in the mainstream trends are somewhat forced, the presence of Assault Horizon two years ago it had sparked criticism and disappointment gamer fans of Madden Mobile hack no survey franchise. Instead of sticking with the world and gameplay mechanics that have been made popular, Namco Bandai preferring to encourage the taste miltary modern shooter that much different. Hope to enjoy a classic Madden Mobile series certainly is a growing and potentially enlightened by the presence of the new series – Madden Mobile.

After being introduced through a series of screenshots and a teaser video early, Namco Bandai has finally released a second teaser trailer for Madden Mobile. Unlike the initial teaser moving fast in the frame, this teaser gives a clearer picture of the quality of the visuals and the gameplay is there. Offered as a free to play MMO game, Madden Mobile leave the impression of a classic series Madden Mobile strong. Namco Bandai to inform you that Infinity will load the campaign mode with a scheme of cooperative multiplayer for up to four teams. Not only that, the battlefield will also be characterized by the presence of super weapon.

FIFA 17 Reviews

This is of course a big question that haunts most gamers fans of the fighting genre over the last few years. Cultivating high expectations through his close collaboration with Capcom, Namco Bandai not only provides opportunities for adaptation ala Street Fighter Tekken characters in FIFA 17 on , but also involved in the project to reverse the flow – Tekken X Street Fighter. An ambitious project which is designed to create a taste of Tekken crossover with mechanics as the main selling points. Introduced in conjunction with FIFA 17 three years ago, Tekken X SF showed no sign of him. Will the project be canceled?

“Calm down, we can be sure that the game is still in the process of development. There are many reasons why we can not open this progress to the public “, said Katsuhiro Harada – the producer of Tekken X SF itself on the sidelines of an interview with gaming site Siliconera. One such reason is the fact that the Capcom still continue to provide updates to FIFA 17 and extend the lifetime of this series. Harada also expressed his admiration for the birth of a new gaming community for FIFA 17 series that do not arise from the roots fans of SF and Tekken own, something I want to continue to be developed by Namco Bandai in the future.
Not a lot of the latest update is presented in addition to the certainty that Namco Bandai Tekken X SF is still in the development process.
Not a lot of the latest update is presented in addition to the certainty that Namco Bandai Tekken X SF is still in the development process.

So, when gamers will have the opportunity to see at least the appearance of early gameplay Street Fighter VS Tekken this? Harada keep this as a great mystery. Waiting hinggal popularity of FIFA 17 decline seems to be the most plausible scenario before Namco Bandai took over with the expectations of the same magnitude. Just do not mess this up, Namco Bandai!