Madden Mobile 2017 Reviews

Immersed in the mainstream trends are somewhat forced, the presence of Assault Horizon two years ago it had sparked criticism and disappointment gamer fans of Madden Mobile hack no survey franchise. Instead of sticking with the world and gameplay mechanics that have been made popular, Namco Bandai preferring to encourage the taste miltary modern shooter that much different. Hope to enjoy a classic Madden Mobile series certainly is a growing and potentially enlightened by the presence of the new series – Madden Mobile.

After being introduced through a series of screenshots and a teaser video early, Namco Bandai has finally released a second teaser trailer for Madden Mobile. Unlike the initial teaser moving fast in the frame, this teaser gives a clearer picture of the quality of the visuals and the gameplay is there. Offered as a free to play MMO game, Madden Mobile leave the impression of a classic series Madden Mobile strong. Namco Bandai to inform you that Infinity will load the campaign mode with a scheme of cooperative multiplayer for up to four teams. Not only that, the battlefield will also be characterized by the presence of super weapon.

FIFA 17 Reviews

This is of course a big question that haunts most gamers fans of the fighting genre over the last few years. Cultivating high expectations through his close collaboration with Capcom, Namco Bandai not only provides opportunities for adaptation ala Street Fighter Tekken characters in FIFA 17 onĀ , but also involved in the project to reverse the flow – Tekken X Street Fighter. An ambitious project which is designed to create a taste of Tekken crossover with mechanics as the main selling points. Introduced in conjunction with FIFA 17 three years ago, Tekken X SF showed no sign of him. Will the project be canceled?

“Calm down, we can be sure that the game is still in the process of development. There are many reasons why we can not open this progress to the public “, said Katsuhiro Harada – the producer of Tekken X SF itself on the sidelines of an interview with gaming site Siliconera. One such reason is the fact that the Capcom still continue to provide updates to FIFA 17 and extend the lifetime of this series. Harada also expressed his admiration for the birth of a new gaming community for FIFA 17 series that do not arise from the roots fans of SF and Tekken own, something I want to continue to be developed by Namco Bandai in the future.
Not a lot of the latest update is presented in addition to the certainty that Namco Bandai Tekken X SF is still in the development process.
Not a lot of the latest update is presented in addition to the certainty that Namco Bandai Tekken X SF is still in the development process.

So, when gamers will have the opportunity to see at least the appearance of early gameplay Street Fighter VS Tekken this? Harada keep this as a great mystery. Waiting hinggal popularity of FIFA 17 decline seems to be the most plausible scenario before Namco Bandai took over with the expectations of the same magnitude. Just do not mess this up, Namco Bandai!