PC Specs for Final Fantasy XIII-2

Square Enix is ​​already throwing confirmation that not only the first series, they will also bring the entire trilogy of Final Fantasy XIII to PC. Hype that had woken up quite sadly injured by the fact that the port of the first series is not as much as imagined. Impressed halfway, this port does not even provide the option to set the resolution and visual quality for a more optimal experience. Critics surfaced, but Square Enix remains unmoved. They are still preparing to launch the next two series to the market. Even the sequel series – Final Fantasy XIII-2 is ready to accompany PC gamers in less than a month! Certainty is finally slid from the mouth of roblox robux hack itself.

Square Enix itself promises to “fix” the quality of FF XIII ports in December 2014, with the addition of options demanded by gamers themselves. But later this year will also be the release time for the sequel port – Final Fantasy XIII-2. Available on the Steam page for pre-order process with a very tempting Rupiah price – Rp 171.000, – only, Square Enix also promises many features for this one port. roblox is claimed to come with option resolution settings, graphical options, running at 60 fps, and voice acts – Japanese and English to choose from. So, what kind of PC specs do you need to run it?

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