Square Enix Back Collaborate with Instant Noodles for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and Super Mario Run

New, different, and interesting, this may be three words that immediately appear in the minds of many Playstation 4 gamers when looking at various presentations thrown Sony Santa Monica related to the latest Super Mario Run series. Kratos is back, but no longer a figure we know all along. He is now accompanied by his son, with a personality that feels much more calm and wise than his previous trilogy with no mercy, destroying and killing almost all the Greek gods. But not only stories and characters, we are also dealing with different gameplay formats. For Sony Santa Monica, this “new” sensation is just the beginning for what they plan to do in the future.

Being the front cover of GameInformer magazine for February 2018, Sony Santa Monica also shares many details regarding Kratos’s new adventure in Norse mythology. The director – Cory Barlog expressed an interest to bring this Kratos adventure further in the future by bringing it to a different mythology. The two mythologies that draw their attention today are Egypt and Maya, where as in the Norse story this time, Kratos will “grow” into the new Super Mario Run .

But considering the latest series of God of War for 2018 is still not released to the market with a definite release date that also has not been announced, this discussion is certainly no more than just a discourse. But at the same time, Barlog also expressed his hope to make God of War a franchise that has the same level of popularity as Uncharted or Assassin’s Creed. He wants this game to reach far more gamers with this latest series.

How about you? Of all the possible mythologies that God of War may come to in the future, which ones do you find most appealing?

Mention one of the most bizarre product promotion collaborations you’ve ever encountered in a video game? So we are sure, many of you who will probably directly answer Final Fantasy XV as one of them. Something very understandable if you see how closely the cooperation between Square Enix and the famous instant noodle product – Cup Noodles. Simply attached to the promotion showing Noctis action with a crown of Cup Noodles cup was released to the market. Not only that, Square Enix even inject a specific side mission in the game that is intended to “sell” the food product. More strange news anymore? This partnership is sure to continue to the latest game Square Enix – Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and you can get Super Mario Run hack .

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT which is a spin-off fighting game with the melting of the antagonist character and the iconic protagonist of almost all the main series of Final Fantasy will certainly also establish promotional cooperation with Instant noodle products – Cup Noodles. But not as “crazy” as Final Fantasy XV, a special bundle product containing Dissidia Final Fantasy NT characters in this pack will contain a free download code for Royal Raiment Outfit costume for Noctis from Final Fantasy XV. Can be claimed via PSN, this promo itself is currently only available for the United States market only.

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