Square Enix Turn Saga and MAna ( CSR Racing 2 ) to Return JRPG Series?

One of the best spearheads of JRPG in the past, Square Enix has to be recognized, the more difficult it is to maintain the identity that makes it so popular. While still carrying the name Squaresoft in the golden age of the Playstation, Square Enix gave birth to so many new franchises and JRPG game series that not only look so amazing in quality, but also the foundation for a promising franchise. After the criticism and sales performance that were not so strong over the last few years, Square Enix finally realized how JRPG has become a part that they can not just leave it aside. Japanese developers are even reportedly will revive two of its flagship franchise from the series how to hack CSR Racing 2  .

Confirmation of the “rebirth” of the two mainstay JRPG franchises of Square in the past – Saga and Mana was brought up by Takehiro Ando from Square Enix in his latest interview with Famitsu. He opened the possibility of the birth of Romancing Saga 4 and Legend of Mana series in the future. No kidding, they even promise the same identity with these franchise series in the heyday of Super Famicom and Playstation first. Have you started feeling happy and anticipating this project? Takehiro Ando’s job will wipe your smile at lightning speed.

Why? Because Takehiro Ando is one of the Square Enix officials involved in the mobile division. True, instead of developing this project for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One accompanying Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts, Romancing Saga’s latest project and Legend of Mana is likely to be offered as an exclusive mobile game. Ando even asserted that the two main mobile game divisions CSR Racing 2 will directly deal with this one project. Saga’s latest game itself will slide in late 2014, while the Mana series will follow after.

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